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Polygon cooperates with Ethereum Blockchain EIP-1559 to burn matic toxins


The Ethereum EIP-1559 update made an extraordinary splash and positively affected the polygon blockchain. This resulted in an accelerated burning of the proprietary token on the Matic polygon blockchain, as well as the establishment of trust between the parties.

Polygon is considered to be the internet blockchain of Ethereum, and so far it has not had the correct algorithm for burning its Matic coins, which are about 10 billion in circulation.

Now polygon hopes to use the Ethereum network upgrade, also called the London hard fork, to burn most of the coins to increase the price. The main task of the network, which was set last summer, is to reduce commissions within the network.

Users heavily overpay for gas when attempting transactions, so the priority task of updating EIP-1559 is to reduce the price of gas as much as possible and make the network more attractive to an increasing number of investors.

EIP-1559 is one of the most advanced mechanisms for burning tokens and transferring them to a special black wallet. On average, the burning rate is 67% FF and is more than 300 20.000 Ethereum per month.

Therefore, polygon is very willing to cooperate and take advantage of this Ethereum update to burn their Matic tokens and take them out of circulation.

Polygon is testing an alternative blockchain for their network, which will be called the Mumbai testnet, and for this they want to partner with Ethereum and test this update.

The burn will be in two parts, the first will start on the polygon blockchain and will end on the ethereum blockchain.

This will lead to very positive results for both networks, if at least one quarter of the Matic coins are burned, then this year the cryptocurrency can see a significant increase in price. Users will also enjoy very favorable gas prices for transactions and faster transaction speeds.

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